Realizing that your life is bizarre and that there’s a flow to be rolled with? Priceless. But Yolanda, your perfume lingers in my mind like cool torment. The scent; lady of night, and with a distinct lawlessness which dances with ghosts out here in the high desert. Yolandaaaa!


New Mexico 3


I’ve been thinking how I could get some film making equipment with the money I’ll be making on this new job. My Detroit area pals; Lebowski and Steve Rourke Sarcaski (Mickey Rourke’s half-bro) would bat around film ideas. I’m pretty sure the movie would be titled “Too Tough Ta Die,” or, “Hard Ta Kill.” Ideas seem to crowd right around these titles. It would be comedy, and packed with action. With a sort of Detroit-Michigan-Polish feel to it. Hamtramck’s Pulp Fiction. Hard Ta Kill would piss off Steven Seagal, because of the similarity to the title of his action movie Hard To Kill. But that is part of the plan, pissing him off. This film needs to be made, it’ll be hotter than paczki. There could be a sequel, set in New Mexico. Cameo appearance by El Chapo. It all seemed like a great idea this morning, maybe it will again.

Are you a New Mexican or a New Mexicant?


The eye in the sky is subhuman and scared behind the eye sits a paranoid millionaire. Around are huddled a bardo of Latah lackeys, and cheapjack military flunkeys. “Se non e vero, e ben trovato,” Italian, which means, “If it’s not true, it’s well invented.” That is to say: it should be true because it sounds true. Every politian, scoundrel and shyster knows this. Trying to keep a culture of Scared-as-fucks, Numbies and gullible Dumbies, but the eye in the sky is weak and scared behind the eye a mediocre millionaire.

The eye in the sky