The future lies in high tech, agrarian tribal culture. Layin around naked in a thatch hut. My naked friends Chenola, Holanda and Jilly stop by my hut to babble stories about how hilarious, stressful and insane the 20th and 21st centuries were, listen to my contented ravings, stand on my aching back and read each other books about Norse shamanism and spin records. Pan the goat god showed up at the waterfall today and scared Jilly off her vine. The nymphs were pissed about being jostled awake by a splash and human laughter. Something like that. Find a flow to be rolled with to make a groovier world. Not complaining, and not going to rant against capitalism and hyper-industrialization, cause they’re phases that generations can glean something good from. Some of the products of capitalism are undeniably beautiful: architecture, popular film and fast cars with cheekbones. Seems like life is made to be artificially boxy when truly it’s much more curvy and ephemeral. It seems that science and mysticism are found to co-exist lately. will culture evolve?


The future?


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