At the very end of a 12 hour shift tonight, I saw a fox whose fur was like the grey breath of a ghost spirit. A silver fox? It walked (walked? Haha! Does that kind of being walk?) across the rails not thirty feet from where I stood at the entrance to the engine house. We stared at each other, stilled and knowing. The fox moved calmly off into the night. Impeccably itself, aware and free in the wholeness of it’s being. I could almost see the color of eyes like sapphire through grey. Looked like a cat, I almost had to ask. What would Lucy say? Maybe that we want to move into that spirit world with them, those spirit-animals, but that they’re just our teacher for the moment. And that there’s much more to do. Those reverent encounters with animals mean a lot, if allowed to. It seems that wild animals are more calm around me the older I get, as I grow more….?




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