Before moving down to the Detroit area from Northern Michigan almost a year ago, I was working at my polski cousin’s plant nursery temporarily. There was an older native lady who worked there named Lucy. “Watch your back down there,” she advised just before I left on my last day. She wasn’t kidding either. I met some of the most insecure, square, nosey, suspicious males I’ve even met in my life working in New Boston, MI. Had a lot of other hassle going down too. But I came away from there with a new locomotive engineer’s license and a new job that pays 2.5 times what I made in New Boston to start. Life is good. Persisted through to the goal. What me worry? So I wonder what Lucy would say about this move out West. I drove out to Carlsbad and walked around a mountaintop tonight, tripping over cactus, joshua trees and the piles of money that are coming out of my ass that I don’t know what to do with yet. I’m pretty sure I’m happy, glad, thankful and more relaxed than I’ve been in quite a while. Sometimes it’s hard to know why life takes you places. But you’ll know when you’ve won in a sense. When you’re on the path. The two are the same. I think I’ll plant this half-dead potted plant from the nursery next to a pond in this town in New Mexico. Cause..the cycle is complete, or the plant doesn’t want to be in a pot anymore..or something. Cause I’m rad as fuck and because the Eagle has Landed, yeah..


From Houston We Have A Problem to The Eagle Has Landed.


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