The eye in the sky is subhuman and scared behind the eye sits a paranoid millionaire. Around are huddled a bardo of Latah lackeys, and cheapjack military flunkeys. “Se non e vero, e ben trovato,” Italian, which means, “If it’s not true, it’s well invented.” That is to say: it should be true because it sounds true. Every politian, scoundrel and shyster knows this. Trying to keep a culture of Scared-as-fucks, Numbies and gullible Dumbies, but the eye in the sky is weak and scared behind the eye a mediocre millionaire.


The eye in the sky


The lonesomeness, it’s focus & physical meeting point, it’s clear memory following, cast a dull shadow in psyche, mirroring & matching a piercing sensation, chest area, right side center.

…..until a brush or three with death this sorry bastard structure did illuminate
and release in adrenaline and ruin.
And in the lightning flash samadhi
he found new means & tools for
laughter and Spring
new moons like full sails
and curvy vernal things.

Shapes, Anatomies of Healing