We live fragmented lives, each to their own degree. I was just thinking of that Bukowski poem about going “all the way” and then being “with the Gods” as a result. Perhaps many people are dissatisfied with life or the spectrum of their satisfaction is too narrow and vague because they are faced with a world clouded with too many choices and petty, illusory choices at that. You walk into 7-11 and there are 50 kinds of candy bar. But they’re all just candy bars. As an example. To go all the way, to be one with the gods may seem strange in a culture of so many choices. But the idea is attractive. Going all the way may be as simple as accepting your fate. Or camping in Alaska all summer and living with bears. Whatever your flavor. Or having the strength to go it alone without bitterness, to wherever the going will get you. Bukowski may’ve been working out his own unconscious issues and fragmented nature when he wrote that poem. But I believe it’s important to try to “go all the way,” in life. Because being one with the gods may be the same as a blissful wholeness and an end to the painful sort of personal fragmentation. So go forth boldly, there is nothing to fear!


Go all the way.


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