We live fragmented lives, each to their own degree. I was just thinking of that Bukowski poem about going “all the way” and then being “with the Gods” as a result. Perhaps many people are dissatisfied with life or the spectrum of their satisfaction is too narrow and vague because they are faced with a world clouded with too many choices and petty, illusory choices at that. You walk into 7-11 and there are 50 kinds of candy bar. But they’re all just candy bars. As an example. To go all the way, to be one with the gods may seem strange in a culture of so many choices. But the idea is attractive. Going all the way may be as simple as accepting your fate. Or camping in Alaska all summer and living with bears. Whatever your flavor. Or having the strength to go it alone without bitterness, to wherever the going will get you. Bukowski may’ve been working out his own unconscious issues and fragmented nature when he wrote that poem. But I believe it’s important to try to “go all the way,” in life. Because being one with the gods may be the same as a blissful wholeness and an end to the painful sort of personal fragmentation. So go forth boldly, there is nothing to fear!


Go all the way.


So I read a book called Kundalini and the Chakras by Genevie Lewis Paulson a while back. Doing the practices brings changes. Little did I know that meditation could bring on a second puberty. One goes through phases on this path and some of them are hilarious.  When you meditate with the intention of freeing the energy of consciousness, interesting things happen and it’s best to not overdo it.  There’s blocked chakras and nadi which come unblocked and the energy must go somewhere and then balance.  These  blocks or snags probably have a lot in common with Freud’s ideas and/or Wilhelm Reich’s concept of body armor in the musculture.  Reich related body armor to character armor or rigid personality traits.  He described how fascism depends on a tension in certain muscles which produce the behavoir on which authoritarianism can thrive.  It occurs to me that this is why China suppressed the Falun Gong gatherings several years ago!  Authoritarian control, in part, depends upon people feeling tense and restricted in their bodies.  Large gatherings of people mindfully moving their bodies and calmly balancing their energies together are very dangerous to institutions of power. 

(I’m all over the place with this stuff, a real essay or book is coming.)

Two books which have quietly and powerfully moved me this winter are Kundalini and the Chakras by Genevieve Lewis Paulson and Kundalini: Exploring the Energy of Awakening, (a book of essays by many authors.)  I recommend them both.  I owe my new good health to an 85 year old woman named Genevieve Lewis Paulson.  It’s amazing how good one can feel just by breathing in different imagined colors.  And that is just the beginning.  Things like negativity become more apparent and controllable while other things like recreational use of substances seem rather boring while under this new influence.

I can’t wait to see the cherry orchards bloom back home while being within this new perspective.

Kundalini time, thanks Genevieve.


Speculations on Cultures of the Future (Rough Draft)

  The way forward is with more Giving and less Taking.  The story of our times.  The year is 2016.  The world economy has collapsed twice since 2012, both worse than and more frightfully than the stock market crash and bank failiures and bail outs of 2008.  There is a mood of general upheaval and distrust of authority.  Unemployment is 15-20% worldwide and on a steady descent.  In many there is a mood of despair and futility.  Millions more have lost their homes since the housing crisis of 2008.  Ghettos are growing in most U.S. cities.  The country is truly beginning to resemble nations like Venezuela.  There’s an aristocratic high class and a small upper-middle class and a growing poor class which takes up about %70 of the population.

  In many, though, there is a new spirit among people who think that change in the way we live is imminent.  So why not embrace the change?  Our culture of compulsive taking, buying and consuming idiotically too much is no longer feasible or even much fun. 

  But a lot of others are beginning to embrace the change and live within more humble, spiritual modes.  Inner city Detroit is spotted with community gardens and even a few patches of woods that grow back and reclaim some ancient presence.  Evergreens, oaks and maple trees rise and absorb the poison in the city’s unused sections.

  Many millions of people are growing vegetables in their own backyards.  In some ways Detroit has always been a leader among western cities, and so it follows that it’s a leader in urban disintegration and eventual transformation.

  People are getting back in touch with the earth and getting  their hands dirty with mud and labor right there in the city.  The citizens are interacting with nature here in the future not because it’s something trendy and spiritual for the upper middle class to dabble with, but because they need to in order to become responsible for their own survival.  The book (name of book) that First Lady Michelle Obama had published about starting a home garden and living off your own produce five years earlier, in 2011, makes more sense than ever.  It’s a book detailing how to and articulating the joy of growing your own vegetables.  It’s full of colorful photos which depict the necessity and virtue of growing and living off of your own supply of food.

  Where there had been riots and new occupy protests gone bloody in the years 2013 and 2014, a new hope taking hold in some areas with constructive activity.

  There are parts where the government is almost ignored out of existence. 

  Tens of thousands of people are migrating into parkland mostly in the southern and western states.

  Change is being accepted and a new curiousity and optimism are the moods of some of the tribes forming in remote and fertile lands.  Some live on Bureau of Land Management land and within both state and national parkland.  The government seems oddly accepting and quiet about growing groups of people living off the land.

  The country is changing for good.  With unemployment 20% and up across the nation, the government doesn’t mind the thousands squatting on parkland.  They’re mostly hoping to prevent the tribes from gathering in cities and starting riots and lootings.

  At this crucial and hopeful point, there is some problem.  A Republican President is elected in 2016 alongside Republican control of the House and the Senate.

  The President calls for the squatters to leave the land and get jobs.  They won’t leave.  For most of them there is little or no home to return to. 

  The government struggles for control an what’s more they send in troops, and in official statements the President pretends that he isn’t really uneasy about all of this.  There are fears and reported threats of invasion from other superpowers.

     But driving out the squatters was a big mistake.  Several were killed.  Echoes of Wounded Knee?  Panic spreads across the nation.  The President speaks only for an aristocratic upper class and is way out of touch with most of the population and how worldy and ecological situations should be handled.  Rather than going into survival mode for every and all of the citizenry, he instead only tries to insure the protection of the wealthiest %5.

     Just when the culture is shifting from one of taking and grabbing to Giving, sharing and creative solutions to survival and a return to a more tribal culture, the Government funded by corporate money opens fire.  But the hearts and  minds of people are changing.  People’s relationship to the Earth is losing it’s set of numbing industrial abstrations.  Soldiers desert and bullets cut through the air without purpose.

     But the culture will move from Taking to Giving anyway. The culture of the future may be a high-tech, yet Earth-based tribal existence.