Love is like negation of history (and much more.) A divine breeze that moves the heart. A feeling that is bored by the ugly mechanics and mass produced hysteria of world events. – I think this, and wonder if one could interpret history through the heart chakra. I mean, can history be interpreted through what the heart will block, release, accept, hide from the mind, or just melt and open finally? To see this in a generational sense? Hmmm, just a thought. Soon i won’t have to blog, and do everything! from a 50 dollar trac phone, that’ll be sweet. 🙂




Listening to the Ramones and watching Bladerunner..daydreaming at night. Been seeing a lot of wisdom painted on railcars lately. “Love is never lost,” in a child’s script next to a stick figure waving a flag. “The answer is within you,” on another railcar. Yea, just that. Train graff artists are rarely idiots. I have so many photos of this art, which i’ll post when i can. There’s a whole cultural dialogue going on with these Detroit autorack railroad cars. Secrets, commentary, art, instinctual street heiroglyphics or just a conductor professing his adoration to some dispatcher girl with a sharpie. Some of them even go to Mexico and back. A fellow engineer nicknamed ,”knobby knees,” found a human jawbone in the North yard a few years back. Must’ve come from Mexico or Detroit. My nickname there is Crowman. There is always something new to be found.

The Now Moon