I’m here today to invent and to crystallize the content of a new emotion.  It’s called lightning ball.  It happens when you go from the lowest, laziest ennui to an explosive rage of happiness and optimism inside an hour.  It isn’t drug induced.  Nor is it a symptom of bi-polar disorder.  It’s like a shivering of rising white light through the heart on its way to the head.  Lightning ball can appear through noticing a small, but radiant detail; a piece of art, music, maybe even a song you didn’t think you liked before.  One cannot really summon lightning ball, for its appearance is not a matter of will.  However, keeping it’s precious force with you can be a matter of will to a degree.  This force often strikes when there seems to be no cause for it in the world of events.  When nothing good even happened, lightning ball can appear.  Lightning ball comes with understanding and both encompasses and transforms emotional pain.  It’s not your regular dose of optimism or “positive thinking.”  While reading The Brothers Karamazov I sensed variations of literary lightning ball several times.  They were like little ripples and explosions of knowing and consciousness.  The force cannot be contained, predicted or complicated.  It depends on nothing and appears in the present-tense.  When the world is grey and aching and impossible, a lightning ball can open things up in ways you cannot imagine.  Be ready!!!!!!


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